Do you hate networking? 

It often has more to do with the types of people and groups you may be hanging out with.  

It really can be that simple!

Also, the tricky part is to realize you have to invest time and effort if you want to connect with amazing people.

And…. You have to SHOW UP! 

This is part of my three-step process:  Sign Up.  Suit Up. and Show UP!   

Whether it’s growing your business, losing weight, overcoming health issues:

  1. You first have to decide that you want to change (Sign Up)  
  2. Then, invest the time and effort (Suit Up)  
  3. Lastly, show up to connect with people who can help you (Show UP) 

As a guest on Manufacturing eCommerce Success with Curt Anderson and Damon Pistulka, I talked about why showing up can transform your business and as Curt says, “Stop Being the Best Kept Secret” and what Damon says, “You want to be the red M&M in the bowl of green M&Ms!”

  1. It’s ok to stumble and fall – ask the dumb questions; be wrong and try something new! 
  2. Attend virtual events and connect with people in the chat.
  3. If you need help – ask for it.
  4. Find people that you are interested in, follow them and connect with them.

Also, learn from people that know more than you!

As a recovering journalist, I have learned that I don’t have to have all the answers; I just need to find people who do! 

Be that Red M & M and stand out in a crowd! 

Talking to these guys (Curt and Damon) and seeing them each Friday on Manufacturing eCommerce Success AND really ‘getting’ what Curt has talked and written about: Stop Being the Best Kept Secret; that really isn’t a badge of honour.

Damon has talked about being the red M&M in a bowl of green ones. He also knows of what he speaks when it comes to manufacturing and specifically in moldmaking, molding and plastic injection world. 

Get outside your comfort zone!   Just meet people.  

So, in my opinion, networking is all about opportunity: An opportunity to show up and be noticed; and to start building connections that can and will transform your world!

Grow your business with simple and effective Networking Tips

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