Gail Robertson










Gail Robertson brings an unfamiliar and fresh outlook to the more traditional Manufacturing Industry!

She has always been curious, which led her into journalism.

She began her professional career as a journalist at the Toronto Star, then moving on to the Windsor Star, where she used her innate curiosity to delve deep into news, features, entertainment and human interest stories. It was in the fast-paced world of journalism that she developed the ability to not just ask any questions, but the right ones!

This (recovering) journalist knows how to use curiosity to celebrate innovation – and turn obstacles into opportunities by helping to transform businesses for extraordinary results.

Curiosity is also the foundation of her 3 step process: Sign Up, Suit Up and #ShowUP!

She now uses storytelling (developed as a journalist), in her manufacturing world as a social media strategist and Keynote Speaker, helping others to #ShowUP, tell their story and exercise their Curious Brain!

Her transferable skills have assisted her as she transitioned from being a journalist, to bed-and-breakfast owner, to fundraiser, to Marketing Manager at an insurance tech company and now, “Chief Curiosity Officer” at GailNow.

She and many others have found that with curiosity, so much is possible: step out of your comfort zone, overcome fear, do things you’ve never done before, meet amazing people and ShowUP with joy, passion and enthusiasm.

Gail is an energetic force with a bold and spirited attitude.

Want to keep up with her adventures? Be sure to follow Gail on Twitter @GailNow.