We’ll create a detailed marketing plan based on your needs.
Be it social media, website performance, online advertising, print, radio, billboard or sponsorships, GailNow has the expertise and a whole world of contacts to ensure your message reaches the right people.


The power of your brand should not be ignored. And it all starts with telling your story. GailNow believes there are three key components to successful branding:

  1. The passion behind your product, skill or specialty.
  2. Authenticity: A willingness to stand for something.
  3. A commitment to building relationships.

Narrowing down the focus is the first step toward honing your message.

An important part of branding is the creative, and when we talk about creative we mean business. It can make or break your branding.

At GailNow, creative is an all-encompassing concept. It can be many things: a well-written blog, engaging social media post or website. Or, it can be a beautiful brochure, eye-catching poster or slick video. We’ve got all the building blocks to deliver an innovative, imaginative and original campaign that works.

Content Development

Good content starts with curiosity: asking the right questions, doing the research.

You need stories, a good product, ideas. A good interviewer and writer can help develop that content.

Setting up a website or social media platform, booking an ad is the easy part – what sets you apart from your competition is strong content.

Content that will make sense to your audience. Content that is informative and engaging. Content that can deliver results for branding, engagement, and ultimately sales.

GailNow will ask questions, do the research, review analytics and help you develop a plan. She also has A level writers to tap into – many with extensive journalism experience.

Social Media

Every social media channel has a specific purpose and audience. Twitter is “in the now.” Facebook is about connections. Instagram’s strength lies in images. All encourage followers, but which social media platform is right for you depends on your objectives.

We will provide you with the tools to know how to leverage social media to drive traffic to your website or landing page. Whether you plan to contract out the management of your social media or have your own team handle it, our social media workshops highlight the latest trends and strategies to maximize your social media presence.

Online Analysis

That’s where we come in. We’ll track all the statistics for websites, social media and email campaigns. But it’s more than numbers. It’s about understanding the human connection. It’s understanding how and why your audience uses your website or social media. GailNow can help you unlock great marketing potential. Let us help you connect the dots and take you from data to impact.


Once you know your strategy, then we talk Advertising

How do you know where to advertise that is best for your business?

We help make those decisions based on your goals, objectives and budget. 

Gone are the days when you place an advertisement at random and hope to get a few customers. Using research and data we’ll put together a media plan that is specific to your needs. 

Traditional media still plays an important role in the market today but as the digital age continues to grow, It all comes back to who your audience, how they connect with you, and of course, your ultimate goal. 

We will put you make sure that you  in the best possible position to reach your current and prospective customers.