Curiosity has always been my go-to to build my skill-set and my business.

Recently, I  had the privilege of being interviewed by David Shriner-Cahn on his podcast Going Solo and we spoke about how to use curiosity to build your business. 

But curiosity isn’t the only utensil in my employment toolbox. Transferable skills are key, as well as advocating for balance – in work, in my personal life – and, importantly, in relationships. You have to make sure that the balance and chemistry in your working relationship is there, otherwise it probably won’t last.

There are many more secrets of success and tips for moving forward professionally that I reveal on this podcast and use in topics of my keynote speeches.

So pull up a chair and give a listen – hopefully some of my ideas will speak to your situation and inspire you to action!

During the episode, we discuss:

  • Getting ahead of the curve by planning your exit strategy [02:44]
  • Listen to the train in the distance [05:37]
  • Why having a schedule is key for entrepreneurs [07:11]
  • Embracing competition: the value of lifting other people up [09:14]
  • How to prequalify prospects that align with your values [12:40]
  • Be curious, not judgmental [18:11]
  • How to keep the doors open when going to networking events [19:46]
  • The tool that will help you move your sales in a virtual world [21:14]

Please listen in to learn more about how I did it and how you can, as well!

How to Use Curiosity to Build Your Business Featuring Gail Robertson – Smashing the Plateau

Going Solo: Skills to save the day

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