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Trade shows are BIG business!

They can also lead to results if you are ready to Sign up.  Suit Up.   And #ShowUP!

Here are a few facts pertaining to trade shows according to the Quality Logo Products Blog:

  • 90% of participants go to trade shows to find new products and services
  • Businesses in the US took part in 6.4 national events in 2021 
  • The typical trade show visitor spends 8.3 hours looking at exhibits

(According to an article published in January 2022, on, the trade show planning business in the US is expected to be worth $18.2 billion US in 2022.)

As I said on a previous LinkedIn post, “Digital is more targeted, but when you walk a trade show floor, you never know what you might “discover”. As much as I value social media and digital, I do know how powerful in-person meeting and events can be!”

Curiosity has always been a very big part of who I am and it led me to journalism which in turn has provided me an eye for a good story – and how to make sure a booth stands out in a crowd. 

My background and ability to show up online also  garnered me an invite to be part of the Champions Circle (ambassadors) for Plastics Technology Expo 2022 or  PTXPO.

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This was a dynamic trade show created for decision makers paving the way for plastics processing throughout the entire North American supply chain. I was joined in this circle by Rich Oles, Amanda Wiriya, Tony Demakis and Gregory Boston.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3AE0E760-C0A6-4E44-80CD-2C8EEE8A6189_1_105_c.jpeg


Trade Shows are a big part of the Manufacturing Industry. Not everyone grasps it, but attending trade shows as an exhibitor contributes greatly to a business’ marketing strategy, whether they’re a multimillion-dollar corporation or a startup, just trying to get their foot in the door.

According to vFairs, there are many reasons why attending trade shows are important. Attending a trade show helps you:

  1. Assess your position in the industry

    • No matter what industry or market you are working in, it is important to know where you stand. You need to know what direction you are heading in. It is also important to understand what works and what doesn’t work for your brand.

  2. Expand your customer base

    • One of the best reasons regarding why exhibit at a trade show is the lead generation and sales opportunities it provides. Exhibiting at trade shows is expensive but if you walk away with a larger customer base, it’s worth the investment. 
  3. Establish brand recognition
    • Few things are more important in business than branding. This is especially important in markets that depend on reliability, reputation, and brand loyalty. Exhibiting at a trade show will give off the impression to your audience that you are reliable and serious about your business. Being able to afford a presence at things such as events and conferences is something well-established businesses do, so doing that will put you in that league.
  4. Access important prospects
    • If you’ve been trying to generate sales in the traditional method of using the telephone, direct mail, or even e-mail, you often know how it goes. Some people don’t appreciate direct marketing, as it interferes with their daily schedules and routine. A lot of people also get tired of the in-your-face approach. This is not a problem at trade shows.

In a blog featured on the Building Products Ecosystem Unboxed site, they highlight that it’s important not to just attend a trade show, but have a strategy (leading up to attending, during attendance, as well as after attending). Attending trade shows definitely costs companies money, as well as the time and energy of their employees. A strategy also helps someone return from attending a trade show without feeling exhausted and wondering what the point of attending the trade show was.

While digital and virtual are important, there is nothing quite like the power of showing up in person and it is a whole other experience altogether! This is also very meta – since I attended Plastics Technology Expo 2022 (PTXPO) in-person and also posted on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and even Tiktok. (Attending this trade show in person allowed me to observe so much more than through a screen and there is so much to be said about the energy one feels while walking a trade show floor!)

I also did two Live shows at PTXPO, plus a few video interviews.  I managed a quick live interview with Ray Ziganto show who “showed up” at PTXPO.    

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You can catch that interview here and from the trade show floor I interviewed Dan Sweatt. Marketing Manager  with Gardner Business Media,  Glenn Starkey, President of Progressive Components, Brian Bendig of Cavalier Tool and freelance writer Cynthia Kustush 

My time at PTXPO included many connections with people from Gardner Business Media. 

Let’s just say I’m also on a journey of discovery!

That is what Allison Kline referenced in a pre-show interview on #ShowUP with GailNow LIVE.

So yes, I also conducted pre-show prep.

In a recent networking event I attended, my friend Chuck Coxhead said that when he recently attended a trade show, he said.. .”what would Gail do?”  So he decided to do live hits at a trade show!  wondered what I would do and decided to do live hits.

I also picked up trade show tips from people like my friends, Jake Hall and Chris Luecke, as well as from this quote by Alyssa Mertes (a promo expert who has had work published for the Promotional Products Association International and the Advertising Specialty Institute):

“Trade shows have been around for hundreds of years, and for good reason. There’s something about meeting people face to face that can really encourage you to try something new. You can think of trade shows like the professional version of Comic Con. It’s the chance for people in the same industry to mix, mingle, and see what’s new and exciting.”

Few people know just how amazing trade shows really are, so let’s dive into some of the most fascinating stats. You might just be ready to try this marketing strategy for your own business!

Some stats of interest: 

  1. 46% of trade show attendees are in executive or upper management roles. (Source: Lincoln West)
  2. 52% of attendees are more likely to enter an exhibit if they’re offering some kind of giveaway or freebie. (Source:  Princeton Marketing)
  3. 82% of trade show attendees have buying authority. (Source: Excalibur Exhibits)
  4. 74% of attendees believe engaging with the exhibitors makes them more likely to actually buy the products/services on display. (Source: Hill & Partners)
  5. 79% of attendees believe going to a trade show helps them decide what to buy. (Source: Graphicolor Exhibits)
  6. 49% of trade show attendees plan to buy at least one of the products or services on display. (Source: Excalibur Exhibits)
  7. 77% of executive attendees find at least one new supplier at a trade show. (Source: Sage World)
  8. 74% of consumers are more likely to buy a product later after seeing it at a trade show. (Source: Highway 85 Creative)
  9. Trade show attendees will tell more than 6 people about their experience at the event. (Source: Graphicolor Exhibits)
  10. 38% of attendees will visit a company’s website after visiting their booth at a trade show (Source: Event Marketer)
  11. 30% of attendees will wear or use the swag item they received at a trade show (Source: Event Marketer)
  12. 34% of attendees in the United States are “very satisfied” with their experience. (Source: Hill & Partners)

Final Thoughts

Trade shows, exhibitions, and events bring in about $13.2 billion US every year, and it’s an industry that continues to grow. If you’re an exhibitor, you want to come up with a plan so you can really make an impression and wow prospective clients. It also doesn’t hurt to have promotional giveaway items to hand out to everyone who comes to visit your display

Who knows? Maybe you’ll be another success story to add to the numbers!


Guttman, A. (2018, May 30). U.S. and Global Trade Show Marketing – Statistics & Facts. Retrieved from,

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About Me: 

I began my professional career as a journalist at the Toronto Star, then moving on to the Windsor Star, where I used her innate curiosity to delve deep into news, features, entertainment and human interest stories. It was in the fast-paced world of journalism that I developed the ability to not just ask any questions, but the right ones!  And when it comes to trade shows you also must ask the right questions! 

This (recovering) journalist knows how to use curiosity to celebrate innovation – and turn obstacles into opportunities by helping to transform businesses for extraordinary results.

Curiosity is also the foundation of my 3 step process: Sign Up, Suit Up and #ShowUP!

I now use storytelling (developed as a journalist), in my manufacturing world as a social media strategist and Keynote Speaker, helping others to #ShowUP,  tell their story and exercise their Curious Brain!

I connect my curiosity to transferable skills and also to jumping into the world of moldmaking and now Plastic Injection Molding.



TRANSCRIPT FROM #ShowUp with GailNow Live show with Allison Kline-Miller and Madeline Kline. 

*Transcribed by Otter so some verbiage may not be 100 % accurate.

Listen to show here.



So let’s start right out of the gate with the exciting news. That is next week. PT Expo is starting. So Alison, let’s Why don’t you talk about your title. And give us a bit of a snapshot of this exciting trade show because this is kind of a big deal for trade shows in the plastics world. So

Allison  7:12  

So yeah, you know, we launched PT Expo, less than a year ago, actually, we started the launch of it last May. And it was really after research into the industry and talking with attendees and exhibitors. And there was just an obvious desire for plastics processing event in in the Midwest, that was more often and then once every three years with NP II. So that’s why we we launched it, it was it was definitely a demand from the market. And we very intentionally are going two years on and then we’ll skip NP and have the Amira mold event, which is another gardener event that we’re that we’re really proud of. And then two years on one year off. So we’ll be on that cycle and have a really great partnership with the plastics industry association, who will be at Pt Expo and are supporting us in this in this event.

Unknown Speaker  8:22  

So a miracle will still be happening.

Allison  8:25  

America will be happening. Yeah, on off PT Expo years. So that’s our plan, we still feel like it’s really important to connect that tool and dye industry in a very, you know, unique way in that industry is is so fraternal, and we want to still provide that that opportunity. So we have the American Pavilion at Pt Expo. But it’s a very different thing than the American Old kind of standalone event. So we do want to still provide that opportunity.

Unknown Speaker  8:55  

That is great. Well, let’s talk about an air mold. And over to you, Madeline because a lot of this all started I bumped into you and your dad, Rick as I was going in one day, and I didn’t know who your dad was. And I think I said something the effect of hey, you’re a big deal. became our friendship.

Madeline 9:16  

No, I remember it. Well. It was first thing in the morning. I know we took some pictures. Our publisher for plastics technology, Brian Delahunty was there. But it’s been great being connected with you. And I’m really excited to be here and talk about Gartner and PT Expo. This is really exciting.


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Unknown Speaker  9:32  

Well, let’s talk about we’ve heard from Allison talking about the event. Now you were more in the sales side. So can you talk a little bit about your role and maybe a little bit about trade publications because we also were discussing pre show about you know, people think oh, print is dead and everything’s digital and my background I came from a print world but it transitioned into more digital social media. But I think there’s room for what I call the pie. You know, we want the whole pie and not just individual slices. So can you talk about your role and trade publications?

Madeline 10:04  

Yeah, absolutely. So I joined onboard with Gartner in the summer of 2020. I was my background was in sales and account management, I was selling research advisory services. So I really didn’t have any experience selling advertising. But I also I remember, I watched your chat with Christina and talking about you know, every industry, if you look closely enough, has trade publications and a huge industry around it and media supporting it. So I absolutely think prints an important piece of the pie. I’m personally a huge fan of print, I’d get magazines delivered to my house, I love a paper book. But it’s been really great, you know, working with advertisers and understanding their marketing campaigns, and how we can leverage different types of mediums like social media and email, digital, I think prints a really important piece of that, too.

Gail 10:57  

Yeah, and that’s great that you mentioned because I did have Christina on the show previously. And, you know, we both come from, you know, we’re print was that’s all there was, but where I think the magic happens when you can marry the two of using print using digital using social using trade shows, and then start bringing all of that together. And, and that’s where it comes to where you were saying, Alison, maybe if you could just explain a little bit more about your role in the trade show your of your official role and what you do. And let’s put some context to trade shows, because PDS was like this is this is a big item for Gardner to take this on, because it’s so massive. Why don’t you talk a little bit about your role in trade shows and how beyond PT Expo, what you’ve done and trade shows, and maybe some tips for people that are listening, because we have a range of people I know in the audience that are, you know, from marketing, but some people outside marketing, you talk about the value of trade shows.

Allison 11:57  

Yeah, just real quick to piggyback what what Madeline was just saying, we always describe print media is one of the few places where discovery can still happen, where you find something that and I think trade shows would fall into that category to where you find something that you weren’t necessarily looking for. Right, you may be perusing through the magazine and you discover something that’s, that’s new or a new innovation that obviously we are super into content and the value of quality content. But our writers are writing about things that people are discovering as but but when you go online, you have to specifically look for topics you have to already know about it right. But in print medium, you you discover things that you that you may not know and I think trade shows are similar in that vein, where you know, you’re walking through the hall and you stumble upon, you know, a new a new product or service that might help your business. So yeah, so back to me. So I’m the chief events officer at Gartner. And I started I actually studied at Ohio University. And I studied organizational communications and Spanish but the Spanish was really, because I wanted to study abroad, I studied in Mexico, and I studied in Spain, and just wanted to have that experience in college. But Orbcomm was very specific because I wanted to be part of our family business. So gardener Business Media was was launched established in 1928. With modern machine shop, magazine, I’m part of the fourth generation generation Madeline’s part of the fifth. So we’re really proud to be part of a family business that’s lasted that long, because so many of them fail in the second and third generations. And Madeline and two of her brothers are part of our fifth generation. So that’s, that’s pretty exciting for us. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  13:44  

That is, and you know what, I think now’s a good time, I’m going to put this up because this is probably a good quote to reflect on. And then we can talk about this because this goes back to 1928. So let’s put this up on the screen. We have Don Gardner who said, time passes, conditions change, the world progresses, and those who are found keeping pace with the new order of things are those who are young enough in mind and spirit to recognize the value of the new and to make themselves a part of it.

Allison  14:17  

Yeah, Gail that that quote was in the first modern machine shop magazine that was ever published. And when we found that it just resonated so much with with our internal DNA as a company and who we are we have it up on the wall in the lobby of our organization and pretty much any major presentation that we put together that that quotes a part of it because it really does embody who we are so I love that you that you have that and brought that up. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker  14:44  

Well, when I saw it, it certainly did resonate because everybody I’ve met connected with a miracle connected with PDF so so far is that there is that sense even if they’re not you know Gartner DNA they are like a Christina Ryan, there is this sense of that you just have this culture of family. And a lot of times people talk about that. But you know, I would say, Are you walking the walk as well. So Madeline as sort of the younger generation as well coming up, can you talk a little bit about what that meant to you and be part of a family business because some people choose not to be part of a family business. So what made you decide you wanted to be part of this one

Unknown Speaker  15:28  

I am so happy to be working for my family’s business. But honestly, it wasn’t something that really crossed my mind or that I really knew I wanted to do necessarily an opportunity presented itself to manage the East Coast territory. I was kind of at a point in my career at my previous company where I was needed to make a decision, if I was going to stay there. If I was going to interview if I was going to stay kind of in like the tech world where I started my career. And when this opportunity came up, it seemed it’s perfect. It’s amazing to be supporting my family’s business, it’s an outside sales role. So I get to really meet my customers and get to know the industry. The people have just been so wonderful. And I love that quote, I think it’s so relevant. And especially being in the plastics industry, where there’s so much innovation and change, being a part of that new order of things. Just feels like a really important part of being in the industry.

Unknown Speaker  16:31  

Yeah, and I just put up that that you’re currently they’re currently members of the third, fourth and fifth generation of Don Gardner’s family actively working there, which is, that is very powerful. You know, I just want to think about that, that family, a family business that can withstand the test of pi two is is quite remarkable. And that, that is, quote, really pointed is something that you’re living today, one of the things again, that I’ve noticed, and it started with Christina is when I started seeing her on Twitter and doing videos and doing posts and she just, she’s so she jumped in there and did it. And that’s how you, that’s how you have success, you have to be willing to take those risks. And I know, there’s people we’re gonna hit to the comments in a few minutes again, because I know there are people that there’s a great quote from, and I’ll see if he’s in the comments. And David Pustaka taught me this one, you want to be the red m&m in the bowl of green, which means you want to stand out sometimes, and some people find that difficult to do. But when you show up, which is what I talked about, it’s so powerful and, and like I said, even bumping into your mom and your dad and talking to you and saying, Hey, can I grab a selfie? And I used to get teased about selfies now I own myself, met people, and then I post them later. And I mean, people did they do love it. I’ve shown up at events and they go, Oh, are you gonna take a selfie? So I’m like, okay, so

Allison  17:58  

it’s hard though Gail to get out of your comfort zone, right? Like we were, we’ve all got our things that we’re used to and that we’re conditioned to and to break free like Ryan and I, for PT Expo started doing these, these video updates. And that is not a comfort zone place for me. I was really uncomfortable when we first started doing it and you get more and more accustomed to it. But I think it’s such a great medium to talk about the show and talk about what we’re doing and you know, quick especially with COVID That’s really what it was born out of. There are so many questions about what was what changes are happening so fast and the man that COVID mandates and restrictions were changing so fast that video it wasn’t was the most efficient way to get those messages across. But it’s hard to get out of your comfort zone.

Unknown Speaker  18:48  

It is and you met anger was it I know anger is in the comments in anger, hated video. Now she has a live show. She does video she’s and it has changed. I know she’s talks about that on her show. She does a weekly show about networking and how she’s met incredible people through videos. So and I know she’s I think doing a video challenge. So anybody listening might want to go follow along and Ingor also does some LinkedIn coaching as well. So

Unknown Speaker  19:15  

yeah, I have to give a compliment to you to Gail because I feel like you do some you do some things I guess well, you’re I’m so excited video where you’re dancing and lip syncing. And it’s great, right? Like but but that’s, that’s something that’s hard for most people to be brave enough to do. And you do it and you do it well, and I think people people respond to it. So I appreciate your you know, willingness to kind of put yourself out there.

Unknown Speaker  19:38  

And you know, I also tell people I’m worth needs to because I’m more comfortable with it. So I will do the Tick Tock videos and you don’t have to start there. So I don’t feel you have to go that’s my personality and more and more I started I used to sort of go oh, you really should be professional and someone said Yeah, you should be used so that’s me because if you saw me if my friends would like if you Meet me. It’s not like I’m going to do one thing here. And then when you meet me, I’m different. Like, I’m pretty much the same. Wherever I am, it’s a good place. Yeah, and I think it’s that’s Ellison. I’m so glad you said that because people may hear that. It isn’t easy. And it takes sometimes you know, stepping out and my son has even said that to me, says Mom, you’re more Gen Zed than I am because I do more social media. I do more video I do more Tik Tok, but he understands the algorithm and how Tik Tok works. You really get fun and yeah, that’s a whole I’ve done a workshop with him on that. And it’s fascinating because yeah,

Unknown Speaker  20:39  

was he in the opening video? Was that your saw?

Unknown Speaker  20:42  

He wasn’t but he created that opening video he did. And when he created a crisis, I don’t know my I might be I don’t know if it’s gonna be me. I don’t think and I go let me see it. I would laughing because you can’t afford it yourself. Right?

Unknown Speaker  20:57  

I thought it looked like a like a son. Like I roll like Who invited this?

Unknown Speaker  21:02  

He’s actually a famous YouTuber and his name justice escapes me at the moment….. It’s Cody Ko 

Unknown Speaker  21:12  

no idea for like kids. Probably no, but I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker  21:15  

We have I can’t believe I’m watching the comments blow up so but you guys are so great. So we’ll get everyone that comments. I’m gonna come back over there. But I do want to ask Madeleine about social media and because you being of the younger generation, but also I do recognize it’s not not everybody uses it in the same way. And how do you find watching Social Media obviously, if you know Cody ko you, I know you must be on YouTube and using YouTube and are aware of the power to because Cody Ko is a YouTuber. So

Madeline  21:45  

yeah, I’m not I know his name. I’m not super familiar with his work, but I definitely recognize him. I don’t know. Social media is so complicated. Because I’m definitely an observer, I think I probably could be a little bit more active. But I love I find that a lot of really interesting people and companies and businesses. I think LinkedIn is a really interesting social platform, because, you know, people are using it for their work. But there’s also a lot of people writing like essays. And really, it’s just an interesting place to watch people kind of communicate. But yeah, I would say I’m more of an observer on social media. I’m trying to be more active. I’m definitely very thoughtful and considerate about what I put on social media because, you know, it’s it is so important to have a strong personal brand. And but no, I love it. I think it’s fun.

Unknown Speaker  22:41  

That’s great. And, you know, that is a really good point. Because even on LinkedIn, I think there’s been only like, it might have gone up but one to 5% of people are posting the rest of the people are lurking and watching. So you think people aren’t at Oh, yeah, they’re watching and I discovered that with tick tock early on because he would say I remember I was doing a meeting with someone they said, You know, I follow you and tick tock and I was like, oh, because I kind of thought it was some little hidden play. I’ll just go over there. Do some fun stuff. And then I realized, oh, there’s a lot of lurkers. So now even though I

Unknown Speaker  23:11  

follow you on tick tock, right.

Unknown Speaker  23:12  

I just want to ask like, what do you do on tick tock? Because I’m not into tick tock at all. I gotta be honest. And so how are you using it? Or are you doing it professionally? Or is that more personally

Unknown Speaker  23:22  

to me? There is no I don’t have a big divide between my first Okay, Russia, like to me, it’s like deal now is who’s who is my brand. So it’s, but I do have fun with it. I’ve done some lip syncs. I promoted the show today on that where I just did a fun with a green screen. I’ve done a whole mix of things so you can find it on Tik Tok. It’s Gale. Now you can find me pretty much everyone’s deal now. And I just have fun and and sometimes I share things sometimes i I’ve done dances, I’ve done trending dances, I’m probably going to be doing some in PT Expo. So stay tuned, I’m, I’m going to launch a few things. I think try it on too. And you know what the thing is, is more and more, it’s really important to take those risks and try things right. I’ve tried things on, you know, even on my live show, right? And that’s the best way to learn. And sometimes you Oops, that was a mistake or that didn’t work. But you can’t really do too much. Well, no, you can’t do some things wrong. You still have to use your common sense and and thanks. So

Unknown Speaker  24:19  

let it live forever. It does. It does live forever. So we do and I will invite

Unknown Speaker  24:23  

you the next time I have my son on when I do my tic tock work because I’ve done a couple of workshops with him and we’ve had some fun doing it and he tells the story of the thirst trap. So anybody that’s watched the show knows what both my story about that and his we have a lot of fun. My son he’s 19 and I just he’s definitely enjoyed my life and he’s a great video editor. If he wasn’t so busy, I’d have him editing more videos. So okay, let’s go over to Congress because like last time I saw there’s 23 comments. Some of them are chatter back and forth. So we will go through all the voting studio audience now. And we have because I know I left off with a Kristina Harrington is in the house. So Christina, if you haven’t met Alison Madeline, please connect with them. Christina does a lot of work. I know we crossed paths through the ERP world. And I’ll tell you I started an ERP networking. Barely I’m still just learning what the heck that world is like. We did have Sarah scatter Audrey’s new topic all about plastics because she could go to packaging and aisle for anybody you might want to go back and watch the show I interviewed with her she was phenomenal explain plastics in a way that everybody could understand. And then oak Katie’s that whatever group today mountain must be awesome. Yes, they are. Oh, now I know. You know this next guest is Cynthia.

Unknown Speaker  25:40  

Hi Cindy. How are you?

Unknown Speaker  25:43  

Love Cynthia. She’s amazing. I’m doing some work with her. She’s done some writing. Just amazing. She knows she knows moldmaking too. Yes. We have Bob Hawke. Like someone maybe you know, yeah. works for us. Yeah. And Cynthia says how are you? Oh, we have Okay, so shout out to our customer DME who will be okay. Christina, I will have to connect with her on that and make sure I check them out. So now that I know they’re connected to you. We’ll have to chat. Elizabeth is here. Local Elizabeth is also the queen of networking. She does a more local marketing here she has Perko marketing amazing person that knows how to use LinkedIn so well. And we have Christina Hello, lovely bait. Hello, Christina. waving to you. Great.

Unknown Speaker  26:34  

I watched your your video with Christina Fuges was that three weeks ago?

Unknown Speaker  26:39  

Yes, I think yeah, it was really good. Yeah, she’s I mean, we could have talked for hours she we have lots of chatter back and forth. Hello,  Then we have Okay, so Taurus is such a great quote. So that was the Don Gardner quote Yes. We have also Elizabeth passing Good afternoon. We have a shout out from love our culture I would guess that so Marcus is always great experience working with Gartner businessman had been in a couple of times center over the years exhibitor and they were always able to accommodate yea, Marcus. Yes, he’s, yep, we have that you always treat its customers well, and be where your market spends your time. So this was we were discussing about where to be at and Ray definitely gets that. He’s, yeah, we’ll have to all connect up and do a big group selfie when he shows up it.

Unknown Speaker  27:37  

We’ve got at Pt Expo, we’ve got big 3d pt Expo letters in the lobby. That’s our selfie station. So make sure you take some selfies in front of that and help us promote the show. Just for you. Just for you. You’re gonna call Dale selfie station.

Unknown Speaker  27:57  

Yeah, I can do some selfie lessons. Because a lot of people I said they’ll come along to No, no, no, I got this. I said, my right arm though is I think going to be longer than the last one. Just so Euston people, how do you do that as it takes a while. Experience takes a lot of selfies. So we have a long quote here from Mike. So what do you say Garner views the undersea as partners that have been very supportive industry associations such as cam and BA through the year they have gone above and beyond for all the support of cam numerous times. Used to do your mold and Frankford sending her directories would cost can possibly $1,000 Garner at a booth at the show with several other publications. They ship the cam directories to their booth, no charge. Oh, I do know when when I was working with a miracle doing work with kavaler tool who’s another great local company here that shows up? Our guys were amazing. We needed to get a why should we get that? Because maybe they won’t do this therapy. But because you were just very helpful. I’ll just leave it at that. Thank you want to say that everybody will be sitting down for us because I know it’s very difficult especially to get closer to a show. It’s only so much. You have and yes, I think there’ll be lots of this countdown to hugging you next week. Oh, yeah. And Christina says, it’s so hard to get uncomfortable. Yes, it is. But I want to refer back to anger for anybody that wants to know how to get outside your comfort zone. She is a perfect example. Because when I when we first met she hated the like, and she did these video challenges. We had to do video every day if our days and she would say some that she took a whole day to work out to doing the video and posting it so it’s yeah,

Unknown Speaker  29:36  

I just want to give a shout out to Mike too. He made that nice comment about Gardiner, but to thank him he brought to our attention just a few days ago that I’m sure you know Gail that Canada has lifted the need for the COVID tests as of April 1. So to all of our Canadian friends if you want to come to PT Expo and stay through April 1 There’s no need to get To get tested to re enter the country. So I appreciate Mike giving us a heads up about that. So we can get the word out there, he keeps

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Journey of Discovery – Powerful key to success at Trade Shows

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