GailNow has been an integral part of overseeing the event marketing for the  PGA Canada Golf Banquet, the 2018 Battle of Hors D’Oeuvres signature event for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Windsor Essex and for many years was the driving force behind the Lasalle Vipers Tailgate parties featuring Crystal Gage.

Gail Robertson, consultant with the Windsor Championship, Mackenzie Tour, PGA Canada event shown here with David Byrne at the kick off news conference.  Byrne was the youngest competitor on the Golf Channel’s popular reality show, the Big Break, when he won a series of weekly eliminations to be crowned the season champ in 2011.

@GailNow offers not only big picture solutions, but options on how to plan, develop and execute an event.

“I take suggestions, give my clients a few options and show them the potential possibilities before we decide our courses of action.”
Each career has given her the insight and experience to formulate this solutions-driven philosophy.

“When I worked at newspapers, I always saw their daily output as a team effort: a jigsaw puzzle of editorial, advertising, circulation, business and even the printing plant as ensuring its success. I appreciated their roles and forged friendships at every level, appreciating their collective efforts.”

For @GailNow, the means is a satisfying end to your event.

“With @GailNow, we come up with rituals and a strategy, not just goals. It’s easy to come up with something that looks good on paper, but it’s not going to get you to your end result.”