How do you communicate with your staff? With your clients? With the general public? Do you want to find better ways to advance your business or organization?

What are your goals and objectives and how can you tell your story more effectively. Beyond choosing a social media platform or focusing only on SEO – start first with good content and knowing who your current and prospective customers are.

 “Marketing impacts everyone,” notes Gail. “If it’s not the car you buy, it’s the golf balls you use, the music you listen to, the food you eat, the place you your school, the coffee you drink, the clothes you buy your children. Marketing impacts all of us and it’s not going away.”

The @GailNow marketing approach is simple: plan, set-up, execute.
“I want to build a marketing plan. Let’s get this all set up. Let’s look at what your goals and objectives are before you start diving in. Know who you’re pitching to… prioritize your time and questions. Research and ask the right questions.”

Then, we will put your mutual plan into practical action.
“It’s not about resolution: it’s about ritual. I can say I want to lose 10 lbs., but that’s a resolution, a goal. It’s not a strategy. If I truly want to lose 10 lbs, I would commit three days a week to the gym, set up a meal plan to map out my food for the week – because 80% of weight loss doesn’t happen at the gym – and make it happen. That’s a strategy and a ritual to get me to lose the weight.”

“You can say you intend to sell 10 widgets this week, but that’s not a strategy. You have to expand it to say, “if I want to sell 10 widgets, I’m going to make 10 calls every day. Out of those 10 calls, I expect to get one lead. If I get five leads over a month, I’m going except to get one sale. That’s what marketing is.”